'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Top 8 Most Disturbing And Chilling Lizzie Scenes (2023)

'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Top 8 Most Disturbing And Chilling Lizzie Scenes (1)

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched episode 14, “The Grove.”

“Walking Dead” fans have been suspicious of Lizzie from the start. Introduced in Season 4 of the AMC series, Lizzie and her younger sister Mika were part of the Woodbury survivors that moved into the Prison. And, despite her young age, her ignorance in this new world proved to be dangerous for everyone around her.

Lizzie’s actions have been suspicious all season, but they came to a head in episode 14, “The Grove.” We’re taking a look back at Lizzie’s top 8 most disturbing moments and recapping her chilling tale in episode 14.

8. The Feeding

At the beginning of the season, the Prison was a safe haven for all, but minor threats from the inside put the whole group at risk. One of these minor threats came from Lizzie. Not comprehending that the walkers are dangerous, the tween was naming and “playing” with the zombies at the prison fence. While that initially seemed innocent and like a coping mechanism, things escalated when someone began feeding rats to the walkers, making them rowdy enough to start breaking down the fences.

“Walking dead” viewers initially speculated that Lizzie was behind the act, but it wasn’t confirmed until episode 14.

7. Playing

When the prison survivors began getting sick, the council decided to quarantine them. While Lizzie didn’t have any symptoms, she insisted to Carol that she be quarantined, which now looks awfully suspicious.

Inside the quarantine section, all hell broke loose when the sick inmates began to turn. But instead of fighting them, like the others, Lizzie tried to lure them away. The act may have saved Glenn’s life, but her ignorance almost got her killed.

6. Rat Dissection

The Prison was plagued with a couple of incidents that left the council worried of a threat on the inside -- one of them being the murder of Karen and David. Tyreese vowed vengeance for Karen, and when he returned from a supply run, he made another discovery that he believed to be done by her killer: the dissection of a rat.

The animal was cruelly pinned to a board and cut open, but it wasn’t Karen and David’s killer who was playing scientist. In episode 14, Lizzie revealed to Tyreese that she was the one who dissected the rat and that she was “just having fun.”

5. Blood On Her Hands

When the prison fell during the Governor’s attack, Lizzie and Mika stepped up to the plate. Taking baby Judith, the girls made a plan to escape. But before they did, Lizzie was forced to use her gun on a human. Discovering Tyreese about to be shot by two of the Governor’s people, Lizzie appeared out of nowhere.

The presence of a young kid at the prison shocked Alisha, Tara’s girlfriend at the Governor’s camp. And, unfortunately for Alisha, that minute she stalled leads Lizzie to shoot her square in the head. The move shocked Tyreese as well, but ultimately he ended up chasing after them.

4. Killing The Bunnies

Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith may have made it safely out of the prison, but they faced a lot of threats in the outside world. Without a shelter, the group was forced to be out in the open in the woods. With his hands full protecting three young kids, Tyreese failed to see one of Lizzie’s grotesque actions, killing baby bunnies and playing with them.

3. The Smothering

Judith is a baby, and unfortunately, baby’s cry. But what made matters worse was that Judith cries were out in the open, luring walkers to them.

In the woods, Tyreese heard screams and ran toward them, hoping to find some fellow prison survivors. Leaving Judith in the hands of Lizzie and Mika, the two girls began to panic when Judith’s cries became loud and uncontrollable. Fearing being attacked by walkers, Mika told her sister to do something to stop Judith. Lizzie’s first reaction was to put her hands over Judith’s mouth and nose, smothering her.

Thanks to the appearance of Carol, Judith ended up living another day.

2. Killing Mika

Episode 14 was dedicated to following Tyreese and Carol’s group, which allowed “Walking Dead” fans to truly see Lizzie for who she was. First refusing to let Tyreese kill a stuck walker on the railroad tracks, things escalated into the tween playing outside with a walker. Horrified to see Lizzie running around with a walker, Carol immediately put an end to the game, leading Lizzie to have a meltdown.

“I was going to lead her away,” she yelled at Carol. “What if I killed you? What if I killed you? She was my friend and you killed her.”

Eventually calming down, Mika followed her sister back to the railroad tracks where she discovered that Lizzie was feeding a mouse to the stuck walker. Mika begged her sister to stop playing pretend with the zombies, but all Lizzie would tell her was that she can “hear them,” and that they want her to change.”

Lizzie is about to feed herself to the walker to change and make everyone understand, when both she and Mika are forced to run after walkers burned badly in a fire begin coming toward them. Lizzie makes it back to Tyreese and Carol at the house, but she was forced to use her gun on the zombies to protect her new family.

Viewers initially believed that to be a turning point for the young girl, but in the most shocking and chilling scene yet, Carol and Tyreese later returned to the house where they were seeking shelter to find baby Judith, Lizzie and Mika outside. But the three girls weren’t playing. While baby Judith was crawling on a blanket, Mika was on the floor and Lizzie was holding a bloody knife in her hands.

“Don’t worry,” Lizzie told a horrified Carol and Tyreese. “She’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.”

1. Almost Killing Baby Judith

With a knife still in Lizzie’s hands and baby Judith so close, Carol and Tyreese tried to amend the situation. They asked Lizzie to put down the knife, but instead the tween grabbed a gun. Holding it up to Carol and Tyreese, Lizzie laid down the law.

“You’ll finally get it,” she told the two adults, explaining that they are going to wait for Mika to wake up. “Judith can change too. I was just …”

In the end, Tyreese and Carol managed to convince Lizzie to go inside and eat lunch while Mika turned. But the pair acknowledged that something had to be done. Carol initially suggested that the she take Lizzie and split from Tyreese and Judith. But both realized that they couldn’t survive without each other, and that Lizzie can’t be around people.

Carol takes Lizzie out into the field for a talk, and Lizzie quickly begins to apologize, but for all the wrong reasons. Carol makes the decision to kill the young girl because she doesn't understand that killing her sister to change her was wrong.

What do you think was the most chilling Lizzie scene in Season 4 of “The Walking Dead”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.


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