Adam Lambert Net Worth: How Rich Adam Lambert In 2022 Is? (2023)

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Adam Lambert Net Worth

Adam Lambert is an American singer, songwriter, and actor who has accumulated a net worth of $35 million over the course of his career. Lambert began his career as a performer at a young age, and in 2009, he gained notoriety all over the world after finishing in second place on the eighth season of “American Idol.”

His first studio album, “For Your Entertainment,” which was released in 2009, debuted at position #3 on the album charts of “Billboard.” More than three million copies of Adam’s albums have been purchased, and beginning in 2011, he has been working with the band Queen.

Adam Lambert Early Life

On January 29, 1982, in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, Adam Lambert was given the name Adam Mitchel Lambert at his birth. During Adam’s childhood, his mother, Leila, worked as a dental hygienist, and his father, Eber, worked as a programme manager for Novatel Wireless. However, Leila later changed her profession to interior design, and Eber continued to work for Novatel Wireless after Adam was born.

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Following the family’s relocation to San Diego, California, Lambert’s younger brother, Neil, was brought into the world. Since Adam’s mother is Jewish, he received his early education in the Jewish religion by attending Hebrew school.

At the age of nine, Lambert began performing in plays with the Metropolitan Educational Theatre network. After that, she went on to appear in professional productions of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” “Peter Pan,” “Hello, Dolly,” and “Grease.” Lambert is an actress and singer. Adam participated in various extracurricular activities while he was a student at Mount Carmel High School, including singing with the school’s jazz band, joining the choir, and acting in school plays.

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After graduating high school, he moved to Orange County in order to enrol at California State University, Fullerton. However, he quit school after only five weeks and relocated to Los Angeles in order to concentrate on his career.

Adam Lambert Career

At the age of 19, Lambert embarked on his first professional job, which was to perform on a cruise ship for a period of ten months. Two years later, he was cast in a production of “Hair” that was touring Europe.

In 2004, Adam portrayed Joshua in a production of “The Ten Commandments: The Musical” that was staged at the Kodak Theatre and starred Val Kilmer. The following year, he was cast in a touring production of “Wicked” as an ensemble member and understudy for the role of Fiyero (he reprised these roles in a 2007 Los Angeles production). In 2009, Lambert participated in the eighth season of “American Idol.”

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The judges were very complimentary of his performances throughout the competition, and Simon Cowell even gave him a standing ovation for his rendition of “Mad World.” Even though Adam did not end up winning “American Idol,” he has remained one of the most popular contestants on the show, and MTV ranked him fifth on their list of “The 10 Greatest ‘American Idol’ Contestants of All Time” in 2009. Kris Allen ended up winning the competition.

After finishing his time on “American Idol,” Adam Lambert released his debut studio album, titled “For Your Entertainment,” in November 2009. The album featured the international hit singles “Whataya Want from Me” and “If I Had You,” among other songs. In addition to earning him a nomination for a Grammy in the category of Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, the album has been certified as having achieved gold status in the United States and Finland and platinum status in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Trespassing (2012), The Original High (2015), and Velvet (2020) are Adam’s three most recent studio albums, and he has sold over 5 million singles combined. After singing alongside members of Queen on an episode of “American Idol” in 2011, he went on to take the role of the band’s lead singer at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

In June of 2012, Queen and Adam Lambert performed together for the first time at an official event. They followed that up with the release of the album “Live in Japan” in 2016, and they went on to embark on five tours between 2012 and 2020.

Adam has made guest appearances on a number of different television shows, some of the more notable ones being “Project Runway” (2011), “Pretty Little Liars” (2012), and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2014). He played the character Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert on a total of five episodes of “Glee” between the years 2013 and 2014, and he also appeared as Eddie in the 2016 film adaptation of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” that was broadcast on the Fox network.

Adam Lambert Personal Life

Adam is not ashamed of his sexual orientation and has been in relationships with the television personality Sauli Koskinen of Finland from November 2010 until April 2013 and with the model Javi Costa Polo from March 2019 until November 2019.

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DonorsChoose, MusiCares, charity: water, and The Trevor Project are just some of the organisations that have benefited from Lambert’s philanthropic efforts over the years. Because of his dedication to creating music that conveys positive messages, the We Are Family Foundation bestowed upon him the Unity Award in 2013.

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In 2019, Adam established his own charitable organisation called the Feel Something Foundation, which is dedicated to defending the human rights of LGBTQ+ people. He has been a part of several charity concerts, including a performance in 2012 with Queen and Elton John to raise funds for the Olena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, a benefit concert in 2012 for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, and a Make-A-Wish Foundation Ball in 2013.

All of these events were held to benefit charitable organisations. In addition, Lambert contributed vocals to the charity single “Hands,” which raised money for the families of victims of the tragic mass shooting that took place in 2016 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Adam Lambert Awards And Honour

In 2009, Lambert was honoured with the Teen Choice Award for Male Reality/Variety Star and the Young Hollywood Award for Artist of the Year. Both awards were given out by the Teen Choice Awards. At the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada in 2010, he was given recognition for “Whataya Want from Me,” which earned him the UR Fav International Video award.

In 2013, he was honoured with the Davidson/Valentini Award at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards and also won the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Music Artist. Both of these accolades were presented at the GLAAD Media Awards.

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In 2009, Adam was featured in the programme “10 Most Fascinating People” that was hosted by Barbara Walters. The following year, the publication “People” named him one of the Most Beautiful People in the world.

Adam Lambert Property

In 2014, Lambert purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills that was 3,800 square feet and cost him $3 million. In 2017, he listed it for sale at the price of $4 million; in May 2019, he relisted it for sale at the price of $3.35 million; in January 2020, he took it off the market and relisted it for sale at the same price with a different realtor; it sold the following month for $3.35 million.

In 2018, Adam spent $6.5 million on a home that was also located in the Hollywood Hills and had a total area of 5,000 square feet and 14 rooms.

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